The Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders

The Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders (BRJL) is a voluntary youth organization which exposes young people to the military lifestyle and promotes leadership development, teamwork, discipline and fitness.  The BRJL was established by Act of Parliament in 1944 and the Regiment is responsible for the administration of the Junior Leaders under the Governor’s instructions.


Any boy or girl who is in M2 (or equivalent) or above and is less than 18 years of age can join The Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders.  Young men can use the BRJL to their advantage as it gives them an insight into service in the Bermuda Regiment.

Command and Instructors

The BRJL is led by OC Junior Leaders Major Henry Campbell who works closely with the Regiment’s Commanding Officer on policies and practices.



All junior leaders enjoy the excitement of weapon training.  As a junior leader you will learn safe handling procedures, proper care and firing techniques with safety and security being priority at all times. Junior Leaders are also taught drill movements with weapons.