All junior leaders enjoy the excitement of weapon training.  As a junior leader you will learn safe handling procedures, proper care and firing techniques with safety and security being priority at all times. Junior Leaders are also taught drill movements with weapons.



This is the lesson that everyone thinks is the hardest, but it’s not! Drill forms the basis of discipline and plays a key role in the life of a junior leader.  Troops learn basic drill requirements and as they advance through the ranks they learn more complex movements. The BRJL displays its skills annually at The Queen’s Birthday Parade, the National Service of Remembrance and the Junior Leader Church Parade and Drill Competition.

Junior Leader rowing

Physical Training: PT typically takes the form of an early morning workout, yet is also incorporated into some of the other training you will do.  Stretching, calisthenics and running help prepare junior leaders for not only the day ahead  but athletic competitions and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Adventure Training

Junior Leaders also enjoy an adventure training package, which includes kayaking, abseiling and other invigorating outdoor activities.  Training is held in various locations around the island and is supervised by certified Regiment instructors.


The BRJL will teach you how to construct shelter, cook and otherwise live in the field...with proper field hygiene, of course!  Using equipment issued by the Junior Leaders, you will learn camouflage and concealment, harbour drills and field discipline.

Other Training

The BRJL prides itself on a well-rounded curriculum and junior leaders can expect a wide variety of training.  You will learn signals, map reading and even etiquette.

Local and Overseas Camps

In addition to the local two-week Annual Junior Leader Camp in July, the junior leaders send contingents abroad to train and learn with other units in the UK, Canada and the Caribbean.