Enlistment and Volunteering

Registration for Service


The Defence Act (1965) and Governor's Orders (1993) require that all males attaining the age of 18 have a legal duty to register for military service.  A simple form is to be competed during ordinary office hours at either a Police Station or Warwick Camp.  Failing to register does not reduce your chance of being called up and may result in a summary conviction.    



Men or women who are Commonwealth citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 may voluntarily enlist with the Bermuda Regiment.  Volunteers are required to do three years and two months of service and, like conscripts, may extend their service beyond this minimum period.  Men may volunteer to commence their service early rather than await selection.  Volunteers are not otherwise distinguished from other soldiers and have the same rights and obligations. (See Your Service Rights and Obligations).

The Ballot and Calling Up

In August of each year, a computerised balloting system randomly selects persons for service in the Regiment—those who have been “Called Up”.  The list of those called up is published as an official notice shortly thereafter in the Official Gazette.  The notice provides a date and time that those called up are required to report to Warwick Camp for Medical Examination and Enlistment—usually on selected evenings in October.

Medical Examination and Enlistment

Those called up are required to complete a brief medical questionnaire and then will be examined by a medical doctor.  Those deemed medically fit for service will then be attested, whereby their personal contact details are recorded and conditions of service are agreed.  An oath may be sworn.

Those determined to be temporarily unfit may have their service deferred by Defence Medical Board. This board may also deem persons permanently unfit and exempt them from service.

Failing to turn up as notified for enlistment may result in a summary conviction.