Ruger Mini-14

The American made Ruger Mini-14 is a 5.56mm gas operated semi automatic rifle and has been the primary weapon for the Bermuda Regiment since 1983, when it replaced the 7.62mm British made SLR (Self Loading Rifle).  The Ruger has a 20 round detatchable box magazine and can be fitted with a bayonet of the US M7 design.  The original wooden stocks were replaced with a Choate black plastic stock in 1994 and there have been no further modifications made since.

Recruits will spend a considerable time in their recruit camp getting to know the weapon and its safe handling characteristics.  For most soldiers this will be their primary weapon throughout their service.

The Ruger has been in service with the Police Service of Northern Ireland and various police departments in the US.  The Regiment has plans to have it replaced having run a selection process with the Colt M4 and the H&K G36KV.