The strength and role of the Regiment was reviewed following the disturbances of 1977 and the Gilbert Report led to significant expansion of the Regiment in terms of structure and training. The decade presented further social change as the Regiment slowly defined its role within society. 

From the General Strike of 1981 through to the devastating Hurricane Emily in 1987, the Regiment showed itself to be responsive in time of national crisis.

  • 1980 First Black CO (Col C Eugene Raynor, now Honorary Colonel)
  • 1981 Embodiment for General Strike
  • 1987 Embodiment for Hurricane Emily

The Regiment was twice embodied for security and ceremonial services for the Anglo-American Summits of the early ‘90’s between President GHW Bush and Prime Ministers Thatcher and Major. In 1993, the Defence Act 1965 was supplemented by Governor’s Orders which further defined the structure and purpose of the Regiment.
In 1996, Bermuda became the focus of the world when a Chinese fishing vessel Xing Da with 100 illegal immigrants entered Bermuda waters. The Regiment was embodied to provide cordon and search capabilities and humanitarian support.

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