Peppercorn Ceremony

Peppercorn Ceremony (A State Visit to the Town of St George by His Excellency the Governor)


Typically held on the Wednesday in April closest to St George's Day (23 April).


King's Square St George


His Excellency receives the Annual Rent for the State House from Freemasons Lodge 200 and holds a meeting of Governor’s Council, attended by the Premier and Cabinet Ministers.

His Excellency arrives by Landau at King’s Square at 1058 hrs where he will be met by Her Worshipful The Mayor of St George. His Excellency will inspect a Guard of Honour furnished by The Bermuda Regiment then receive and reply to an address of welcome by The Mayor.

His Excellency will receive the Annual Rent of one Peppercorn for the State House from the Master of Lodge 200. After the Bishop has offered a prayer and pronounced a blessing on the meeting’s deliberations, His Excellency, preceded by the Officers of Lodge 200, will lead the Premier and Members of the Cabinet to the State House, which the Master of Lodge 200 will make available for the meeting.

After the meeting, His Excellency will attend an official reception given by the Mayor.