Standard of Conduct

As a soldier in The Bermuda Regiment you must:

  • Abide by the civil law, wherever you are serving;
  • Abide by military law, which includes some additional offences such as insubordination and absence without leave, which are needed to maintain discipline;Avoid any activity which undermines your professional ability, or puts others at risk. In particular, the misuse of drugs and abuse of alcohol; and,
  • Avoid any behaviour that damages trust and respect between you and others in your team and unit, such as deceit or social misconduct. In particular, you must not commit any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination, whether on grounds of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other behaviour that could undermine good order and military discipline.

Ultimately, you must always measure your conduct against the following test:

“Have your actions or behaviour adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of your Regiment?”

Those of you in positions of authority, at whatever level, have a duty of care towards your subordinates, looking after their interests, and ensuring that they fully understand what is expected of them.  This duty of care extends to ensuring that individuals who raise concerns have their complaints dealt with in a thorough and timely manner.

The challenges you will face on operations and in training will test you and your team.  That is why your commitment to the Values and Standards of your Regiment is essential.