Commanding Officer (CO)



Lt Col DFT Curley, ED


The CO is in overall command of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.  He is responsible directly to the Governor and Government of Bermuda for the training and operational capability of the Regiment.  The CO is selected approximately every three years from the available Majors who are interested in being considered for the position.  It generally takes at least 15 - 20 years of service in order to be considered for CO.

Lt Col Curley volunteered for military service in 1989, was promoted to LCpl in 1991 and received his officers’ commission from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1993.  He then spent 7 years on Full Time Staff serving as a Company Second in Command, Unit Cadre Officer and  Training Officer where he  was responsible for identifying, organizing and implementing Battalion, Company and Platoon level training in Bermuda and Overseas. He returned to part time Regiment duties for 22 years of further service. 

He has covered many active leadership roles during military Exercises and Operations including command of  3 different Rifle Companies and then Support Company plus periods as Battalion Second in Command. He was active on Operation BUCCANEER with the Jamaican Defence Force in conducting regional anti-narcotic Operations.  In 2005 he served as the Contingent Commander for Operation SPICE RELIEF in Grenada during the reconstruction process of the Island and its infrastructure. 

He has attended numerous overseas attachments but the most memorable one was a 4 month attachment with the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regt (the Vikings) for preparations and extensive training at NITAT UK for the West Belfast tour in Northern Ireland.

In 2009, he was selected by the Governor of Bermuda to be the Queen’s Royal Transport Officer for Her Majesty’s visit to Bermuda.  He has completed the Militia Command Staff Course in Kingston Canada, attended the Advance Command Staff Course at the Joint Command and Staff College, Shrivenham, the Land Warfare Centre, Warminster UK and courses at the Joint Warfare Headquarters in Northwood UK.

In his civilian career, Lt Col Curley was employed by HSBC Bermuda as an Operations Manager in the Branch Network and as a Senior Compliance Officer including Sanctions and Risk Management.  He is married to Xiomara and have two young boys Sven 10yrs old and Owen 8yrs old .  He returned to Full Time Staff of the Royal Bermuda Regiment as the Training Officer in Aug 2015 and assumed the appointment of Commanding Officer Designate in 2015. He is extremely proud to be taking command of a Unit that he has served in for 25 years. 


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