Company Structure

The Companies in the Royal Bermuda Regiment are Alpha Company (A Coy), Charlie Company (C Coy), Support Company (Sp Coy), Quartermaster’s Company (QM Coy), Band Company (Bnd Coy) and Training Wing (Trg Wg). The following illustrates the company structure.


Company Commander (OC)

The OC has overall command of his Company. 

Company Second-in-Command (Coy 2IC)CompanyStructure1

The Coy 2IC assists the OC in the administration of the Company and take the place of the OC in his absence.

Platoon Commander (Pl Comd)

A Platoon is a tactical and administrative unit of the Company and the Pl Comd is responsible to his OC for its tactics, discipline, organization, administration and recreational training.

Company Sergeant Major (CSM)

The CSM is to a company what the RSM is to the Regiment.  He is the OC’s right-hand man and assists him in all matters concerning the management of the Company and its discipline.

Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS)

The CQMS is directly responsible to his OC and the QM for the Stores and Equipment on charge to his Company.

Full-Time Instructor (FTI)

FTIs are employed full-time by the Regiment.  They are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Company with particular emphasis on administration and training.

Platoon Sergeant (Pl Sgt)

The Pl Sgt is responsible to the Pl Comd for his platoon and in all matters concerning discipline and administration whether in the field, on exercise or in the barracks.

Section Commander (Sect Comd)

The Sect Comds task is to train his section for and command them in operation.  This also includes responsibility to his Pl Sgt for the men’s administration, welfare and discipline.