Quartermaster Company (QM Coy)

The Quartermaster is responsible to the CO for all the equipment, vehicles and facilities in Warwick Camp or in use by the Regiment.  He maintains records of everything that is in supply, including weapons and ammunition, and ensures that it is maintained and ready to be used whenever needed.  When you sign for all your kit and equipment, you are signing it out from the Quartermaster's Stores, and you are responsible for taking care of it.

If you are posted to QM Coy after your first year of training, you may work as a Storeman, or in the Kitchens.  There are several qualfications that can be obtained in QM Coy that you can use outside of your military career.




Motor transport (MT) is the backbone of the Regiment’s support and sustainment structure and the primary responsibility is supervising or operating wheeled vehicles to transport personnel and cargo.  While in MT you will have opportunity’s to travel overseas and learn to drive Military vehicles in Camp Lejuene, North Carolina, Jamaica and Canada. The skills you learn will help prepare you for a career with trucking, moving or bus companies, or with businesses that have their own delivery fleets and you’ll be able to consider a future as a tank truck and heavy truck or bus driver.

The Regiment has 11 different types of wheeled vehicles that range from a motorcycle to a dump truck. Each vehicle has its own attributes that it offers to the Regiment.

Motorcycle – the motorcycle is used to go forward and reece areas in which the Regiment has to travel to, ideally during the aftermath of a hurricane.  

Land Cruiser - which are the jeeps of the Regiment that are more commonly known as Long Wheel Base (LWB) or Short Wheel Base (SWB). Land Cruisers are a multi-purpose vehicle which ranges from transporting troops and cargo to trailering boats and 25lb guns.

Cargo Trailers – which are used for safety whenever the 25lb gun fires. Located in the centre of the trailer is a Blast Box which is used for misfired rounds.

Generators – the Regiment has trailers that carry generators which power the Camp in the event of a power outage. They are also used when the Regiment deploys for hurricane relief overseas when electrical power is not available.

Ambulance – is mainly used by our Medical section of the Regiment for mock or real time situations.

Dump Truck – is mainly used for EMO operations due to the capacity in which it can carry in the dump.

Vans – there are a number of vans which have their specific duty such as transporting cargo as well as troops. There is also a van dedicated to advertising the Regiment.

Staff Car – is mainly used by CO, and is on any Parade which the CO is required to participate in.

Cargo Truck – is mainly used for moving large amounts of cargo, like when there is an overseas camp. 

25lb Guns – these guns are ceremonial guns that only transported when there are Parades or whenever special training needs to take place.

Boat Trailers – are used for transporting boats around Bermuda as well as launching them at various points.