C Company

Virtually every Royal Bermuda Regiment Soldier begins their service in C Company.  "Recruit Camp" in January transforms civilians into soldiers who will spend the remainder of the year honing internal security (IS) skills and drills and fulfilling the regiment's ceremonial duties, participating in the Peppercorn, Queen's Birthday and Remembrance Day parades.


C Company is the first stop on soldier’s career in the Bermuda Regiment.  That stop begins with a two week “Recruit Camp” in January, the first of three annual camps a soldier must complete during his or her three-year service.

The aim of Recruit Camp is to instill confidence, self-discipline, and mental and physical robustness while cultivating a strong sense of teamwork and national pride in all recruits.  During the two weeks fitness will measurably improve, soldiers will understand the chain of command, have an understanding of the regiment’s internal security roles and equipment, have an understanding of the Defence Act,  and during a 24-hour exercise learn basic survivability and field-craft skills and develop a basic understanding of section manoeuvres.  

After the two week camp soldiers will have a knowledge of basic soldiering skills, including being capable of using a rifle competently and safely.  Soldiers will be aware of their responsibilities when deployed during an Internal Security (IS) Operation as a sentry on a Key Point, and will be capable of taking part in a public ceremonial parade. 

At the end of recruit camp soldiers have the option of remaining in C Company, joining Band Company, or putting themselves forward to join the Potential Non-Commissioned Officer’s Cadre, a 10-month leadership training course, as a candidate for the promotion to Lance Corporal.

Starting with the foundation laid down in recruit camp the remainder of the year builds on skills learned with a focus on building on section and platoon level skills and cohesiveness.  Training revolves around six weekend training exercises and three parades.  Build-up training for weekend exercises and parade rehearsals occurs on Thursday Nights.

In November, C Company soldiers are posted to A, Support, Training Wing or Quartermaster’s Companies to continue the remainder of their service.

LR Photo

Officer Commanding C Company - Maj Lorenzo Ratteray


Company Sergeant Major (CSM) - WO2 Chauncey Durham

DSC 0037

Full Time Instructor - WO2 Jason Harrell

Sgt White

Company Quartermaster Colour Sergeant - Sgt Sergio White

2Lt Stevens2 P154

7 Platoon Commander - Lt Travis Stevens                                        8 Platoon Commander - Lt Emmerson


9483 SkinnySimmons



7 Platoon Sergeant - Sgt Paul Hardtman                                 8 Platoon Sergeant - Sgt Julian Simmons



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