Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders (BRJL)

The Junior Leaders is a free voluntary Youth department within the Royal Bermuda Regiment providing challenging military, adventurous and community activities to persons between the ages of 12 and 18. The aim is to inspire young people to achieve success in life with a spirit of service to the Queen, their country and their local community.  Also, to develop Leadership traits and Qualities of a good citizen. 

The aim is achieved by:

a.         Providing progressive Junior Leader training, often of a challenging and exciting nature, fostering confidence, self relieance, initiative, loyalty and a sense of service to other people.

b.         Encouraging the development of personal powers of practical leadership and the ability to work successfully as a member of a team.

c.         Stimulating an interest in the Regiment, it’s acheivements, skills and values.

d.         Advising and preparing those considering a career in the other Services either in Bermuda, overseas or with the Regiment.

The Junior Leaders report to Warwick Camp on Friday evenings from 6:30pm until 8:30pm with weekend training (Friday evening until Sunday morning) once per month. There is a Two Week Summer Camp held every July. 

The Junior Leaders are involved in other subjects such as Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Target Practice, Obstacle Course, Navigation, sports, First Aid. Military Tactics, Overseas Travel, Youth Group Interaction, Marching and Mentorship.

There is a also a parents committee that is involved with fund raising and other activities also providing chaperones to Camps.

If you are up to the Challenge and want to make a difference in your life! Fill out the Registration form below and sent via email, fax, or come by the Junior Leader Office in Warwick Camp.

Fit for Life…