New Recruits

The Defence Act (1965) sets out the establishment of the Bermuda Regiment and provides for volunteers augmented by compulsory military service (conscription) to raise sufficient numbers of soldiers to carry out the duties as determined by the Governor in consultation with the Government.

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When should I sign up?

The enlistment process normally begins in early October each year for those selected through the ballot during the summer months.  Those who would like to volunteer are welcome to attend the enlistment nights or report to RHQ before Recruit Camp held in January of the following year.  Volunteers should be able to verify their immigration status, and undergo a security background check.  For more information please e-mail Major Warren Furbert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 238-1045. 

What we offer

The Royal Bermuda Regiment offers the Bermudian community numerous opportunities that no other oganisation does.  After an initial training period, soldiers have the opportunity to transfer to an area of specialty such as rifleman, bandsman, medic, coxswain, logistician, administrator and many others. Through their career, soldiers have the opportunity – and are encouraged to  -  transfer to new Companies or sections to broader their military and operational knowledge.

Can I join?

Men and women who are between the ages of 18 & 45; are commonwealth citizens; official residents of Bermuda[1]; meet security clearance; and pass the mandatory drug testing may volunteer for the Bermuda Regiment.  Applicants are required to enlist for an initial period of 3 years and 2 months but may be able to extend their initial service period.  Men may volunteer to commence their service before being selected by random ballot.   Upon commencement of service volunteers are not distinguished from other soldiers and are afforded the same rights and obligations.

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[1] Official residents are persons with the right to reside in Bermuda in accordance with the terms and conditions of Part IV, Section 25, of the Bermuda Immigrations and Protection Amendment  Act 1956. 

Enlistment and Volunteering

Registration for Service


The Defence Act (1965) and Governor's Orders (1993) require that all males attaining the age of 18 have a legal duty to register for military service.  A simple form is to be competed during ordinary office hours at either a Police Station or Warwick Camp.  Failing to register does not reduce your chance of being called up and may result in a summary conviction.    

Recruit Camp 2016

If you are enlisted, whether as a volunteer or conscript, in the Bermuda Regiment, your initial service obligation under the Defence Act 1965 (as amended) is for three years and two months of service, at which point - if you complete all the training requirements for each year of service - you are eligible to be Honourably Discharged and your service is complete.

Your first year in the Regiment will be spent in C Company, where you will learn the basics of soldiering. Your first year starts with Recruit Camp, which takes place every January; the next Recruit Camp starts on Sunday 10 January 2016 and runs until Saturday 23 January 2016.

If you enlist as a recruit for the 2016 camp, you will attend the Enlistment Nights – held on Thursday 1 October 2015, Thursday 8 October 2015 & Thursday 19 Novemebr 2015 - and receive your Joining Instructions for Recruit Camp.

The next event on the calendar for new recruits is KIT ISSUE DAY which is scheduled for  Saturday 2 January 2016 or KIT ISSUE WEEK from Monday 4 January 2016 to Friday 8 January 2016. At the Enlistment Night, you will be advised what time you should arrive for Kit Issue. (If you are not sure, call C Company Office at 238-3883 for more details. Ensure you come to Warwick Camp at the correct time to avoid unnecessary waiting on the day.)

On Kit Issue Day or during Kit Issue week, you will receive all of the basic military kit and equipment that you need for your service in the Regiment. As you progress through your military career, more specialized and ceremonial kit will be issued to you. It is important for every recruit to understand that you are responsible for this kit while it is in your possession - in other words, for the whole time that you are in the Regiment - and that you will have to return each item when you are eventually discharged. If you fail to return it, you will be charged the replacement cost. However, if any item of clothing or equipment breaks or wears out while you have it, due to normal use, then return it to Quartermasters Stores and it will be exchanged without cost to you.


Camp starts on Sunday 10 January 2016 at 0800hrs (8:00am). You are strongly advised to be early rather than late. Please note that recruits are not permitted to park any vehicles inside of Warwick Camp, or in the public parking lots at Chaplain Bay - so, make sure that on the first day of camp you either have someone drop you off, or catch a taxi. Remember that there may be high demand on the day, so order ahead of time. Also remember that with so many people coming to Warwick Camp at the same time, traffic may be slow, so plan to arrive early. You should be standing outside the gate to Warwick Camp no less than 15 minutes before 0800hrs.

The gates will open promptly at 0800hrs and the first thing that will be done is to squad all of the new recruits into their new platoons. This will happen on the parade Square, and once the squadding is complete you will be off with your section commanders to the barrack blocks, to start the lessons for that day. For all events during Recruit Camp, there will be a program posted in your barrack blocks so that you know what to look forward to.

Your platoon staff will be able to answer any questions that you have. Understand that they have a job to do - which is to train the platoon - and that time is short. So, ensure you listen carefully to instructions and carry them out the first time. Being a Recruit is not difficult! Many people make it much harder than it needs to be by failing to pay attention or approaching the training with the wrong attitude. Like many things in life, military training is something that takes effort and perseverance. If you put in 100% of your best effort, you will quickly realize that a lot of the training is fun and interesting.

Most people who have served in the Regiment have strong memories of Recruit Camp - what platoon they were in, what competitions they won. Many people make friends in the Regiment with people they never knew before and may never have met if it were not for their military service. You should approach your training with the best possible attitude, and if you can do that, you will enjoy it.

Download this file (Joining Instruction RC16.pdf)Joining Instruction RC16.pdf

What to Expect from Recruit Camp

During Recruit Camp you will be posted into the C Company platoon which is made up of four sections. Your platoon and your section are your brethren and you will come to rely on them and they on you.The best aspect of the Regiment is that it brings together Bermudians of all social and racial backgrounds for one common purpose and that is to be of service to their country and community.

How else can I prepare for Recruit Camp?



It is vital that you bring your personal Bank account information (Name as it appears on account, account# & Bank name) with you, when you attend the enlistment nights in October.  As of 2011, all payments for the Regiment will be made via Direct Deposit,so your account information will need to be on file in order for you to receive pay.

If you do not have a bank account - you must open a Bermuda Dollar savings account in YOUR name, in order to be paid.  Call any bank in Bermuda, or visit their website, for further information.

Bank Account Numbers should follow the below format:

Butterfield Bank: 200 060 601 23456 200

Capital G: 7010001234

HSBC:  010 123456 011


This is the same process that any Human Resources department would use when organizing Direct Deposit for your paycheck, so don't worry about your banking information, it will be kept secure.  The Bermuda Regiment is part of the Government and as such must follow the same guidelines when it comes to the payment of soldiers and staff.


Ensure that you bring your Social Insurance information with you when you come to the enlistment nights in September, October or November.  This is a number that everyone who is legally employed in Bermuda must have - if you do not have a Social Insurance number yet, please obtain one before (Kit Issue Day), by calling The Department of Social Insurance at 294-9242,or click on the following link for more information on how you can obtain one. SOCIAL INSURANCE WEBSITE


Please ensure that you have a working email account in order for payment information to be posted to you, sign up for a free email account at one of the following sites: Gmail; Yahoo; Hotmail


We require passport numbers and expiry dates and names that appear on your current passport.  If you do not have a valid passport you will be strongly adivsed to acquire one prior to the start of Recruit Camp . A British or Bermuda Passport is recommended but not essential. Contact the Department of Immigration 295-5151 for more information.


Your fitness will be tested throughout your military career and it is important that you maintain a high level. Here is a basic fitness program you can try, that will help you get in shape for military training.  There are many other programs on the internet, feel free to find what works best for you.