Courses - Local & Overseas

Your Regiment offers extensive training in many areas and not all of this training is strictly military.  Certain training in Bermuda is limited due to space, resources and logistics.  The Regiment has access to extensive training opportunities in different roles in varied locations.

Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Training

One you have completed your initial two-week Recruit Camp, you are encouraged to join the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer Cadre (the “JNCO Cadre” or just “Cadre”, pronounced “carder”).  This training requires additional drill nights and weekends and develops your leadership and command skills, broadens your military knowledge and strengthens teamwork.  The Cadre runs from February, building to an overseas camp in June.  Successful students will then move on to Methods of Instruction training, where you are taught how to teach weaponry, fieldcraft and all the basics of soldiering.  As you advance in rank, other courses become available to you.  Regiment personnel have travelled all over the world as part of their training.

Potential Officer Training

If a soldier qualifies as a JNCO, they are offered the opportunity to attend Potential Officer Training, starting at the end of their first year.  Anyone can apply for Officer training - the process is called Selection and it takes place every September.  Those who are successful in the Selection weekend then become Officer Cadets, and undertake a year of training before they attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which is in the United Kingdom and is the academy where all British Army Officers - both full time and "TA" (Territorial Army - the UK equivalent of part time soldiers, similar to the Bermuda Regiment) are trained.

During Selection, various tasks and exercises are held where potential candidates are assessed on leadership, critical thinking, military knowledge and presentation skills, amongst others.  A group of Senior Officers will interview candidates and then make recommendations to the Commanding Officer.  Officer Cadets will then participate in a local training programme which prepares them for the TA Commissioning Course.

Other Local Training Courses

  • Mechanical/Vehicle Repair (Marine and Automotive), vehicle operation and instruction – including the training and licensing for all classes of vehicles including buses (in conjunction with TCD and PTB);
  • Advance Driver Training (with BPS);
  • First Aid, CPR, Infant CPR, IV and Burns, ECAT, EMT and other medical training in conjunction with St John Ambulance and Bermuda Hospitals Board;
  • Coxswain, Pilot and Navigation courses (in conjunction with Bermuda Police Service (BPS) and Marine and Ports Services (MPS);
  • Rummage, boarding and interdiction techniques (in conjunction with Fisheries, HM Customs, BPS and MPS;
  • Culinary, Silver Service and Banqueting Skills (including certification in conjunction with the Bermuda College’s Culinary Arts Programme);
  • Clerical and Secretarial Skills Programme; 
  • Electronic Communications Training and Repair; 
  • Search and Arrest Course for Regimental Police (in conjunction BPS and HM Prisons);
  • Hazmat and Fire Related Training (with Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service);
  • Oil Spill Recovery and Training (with CCA and local Oil Companies);
  • Bridging, shoring and other construction training;
  • Method of Instruction, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking;
  • Musical Theory and Performance Instruction; and,
  • Various courses in personnel management, human resources, financial management, etc.

Overseas Training Locations

Your Regiment has travelled and trained all over the world and today the opportunities are greater than ever before.  Amongst regular training locations such as the US, Canada, Jamaica and the UK, Regiment personnel have trained in Cyprus, St Lucia, Norway, Dominica, Morocco, Kenya, Jordan, Barbados, Belize, Germany, Antigua and Gibraltar to name a few.  Operational tours have also taken place in Sierra Leone, Barbados, the Cayman Islands, Grenada and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Overseas Training Courses

Overseas Training Courses are varied and while limited places are available for new soldiers, as you gain experience and show interest, you can put your name forward to participate.  A list of overseas training courses is maintained and coordinated by the Staff Officer and you should ask your Full Time Instructor (FTI) for more information.


Your Regiment is fortunate to have well-established  affiliations with our Sister Regiments (See Affiliations).  Limited slots are available for soldiers for attachments to other units.  These may run for two weeks or more.  Annually for the last few years your Regiment has participated in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Exercise Jebel Sahara. This exercise takes place in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and involves pre-deployment raining in Gibraltar.  For more information on attachments, contact your FTI.