Your service rights and obligations are principally contained in Bermuda Law as part of the Defence Act (1965) and Employment Act and further explained in Standing Orders and Standard Operating Procedures.

Your Service Rights and Obligations

Length of Service


You are obliged to serve for a minimum period of three years and two months from the date of your enlistment.  Only you (by volunteering) or the Governor (by executive order) may extend your term of service.  (See Extending Your Service).

Pay & Performance Bonuses

Your time served is valuable and your Regiment endeavours to ensure that you are adequately compensated and recognised for your service.

Full Time Staff

Your Regiment has approximately thirty full time staff positions.  From time to time, openings for certain positions will be posted on Part One Orders.  Certain posts require that you have attained a particular rank or have had requisite training and experience. 

Extending Your Service

A third of your Regiment’s personnel are serving beyond their  minimum obligation of three years and two months.  These men and women form a valuable base of knowledge and experience vital to achieving your Regiment’s aims.