Volunteering for the Bermuda Regiment

BDAREG CAP COLOUR FINAL-01Volunteering for the Bermuda Regiment is a rewarding way to serve your community and provides an excellent way to develop yourself personally and professionally.  Similar to many military units around the world, you will meet a diverse group of professional individuals who consider themselves more of a family working together and taking care of each other for the benefit of their land.  Today’s Regiment is a professional and fast paced organization that will challenge you mentally and physically, as you take on the types of challenges most Bermudians only dream about.  If the military is something you’ve been thinking about, there’s a huge range of exciting opportunities waiting for you in the Bermuda Regiment.

MISSION: The Mission of the Bermuda Regiment is “to support the Police with the Security of Bermuda, its people, property, livelihood, and interests in order to maintain normality”.

Roles: It achieves this as directed by the Governor and the Government through 4 main roles, which are:

  • Regimental Assistance to the Civil Authorities
  • Regimental Assistance to the Civil Ministries
  • Regimental Assistance to the Civil Power
  • Regimental Assistance to the Bermudian Society
  • Regimental Assistance to the International Community

Opportunities. Since 1965 over 11,000 men and women have served in the Bermuda Regiment, receiving paid travel, making life-long friends, and developing their leadership potential.  Whether it’s full time or part time; an officer or an infantry soldier; a finance Clerk or Carpenter; an Assault Pioneer or Bandsman, Your Regiment has jobs at all levels, for all people.

Operations. The Bermuda Regiment performs an important role in supporting the Bermudian and regional community. Since 2000 the Regiment has performed the following operational tasks:

  • 2000     Joint Patrolling with The Bermuda Police Service for the Tall Ships Regatta
  • 2001     Embodiment for US Terror Attacks
  • 2001     Detachment to Sierra Leone as part of the International Military Advisory Training Team
  • 2003     Embodiment for Hurricane Fabian
  • 2004     Hurricane Relief Mission to the Cayman Islands
  • 2005     Hurricane Relief Mission to Grenada
  • 2007     Internal Security Deployment for the Cricket World Cup in Barbados
  • 2008     Hurricane Relief Mission to the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • 2009     Embodiment for Visit by HM The Queen
  • 2010     Partial Embodiment for Hurricane Igor
  • 2010     Presentation of New Colours 
  • 2010     Assistance to Fire & Rescue Service for Marsh Folly Dump Fire
  • 2011     Maritime Patrol Assistance to the Bermuda Police Service
  • 2012     Assistance to Fire & Rescue Service for Marsh Folly Dump Fire
  • 2014     Emodiment for Hurricanes Fay & Gonzalo
  • 2015     Freedom of City of St George & City of Hammilton
  • 2015     Regiment Awarded Royal Title by HM The Queen 1 September 


Development. Soldiering is constant learning.  The Regiment allows you to take advantage of a long list of training and leadership opportunities that give you all the skills required to thrive in the military, and in your community.  Soldiering in the Bermuda Regiment will give you the inner strength to follow what is right, and also to lead others in the right direction.

Career. Your career path in the Bermuda Regiment is whatever you want it to be.  From your first day, you will be given the opportunity to prove if you have the attributes to become a Non Commissioned Officer or even become a Commissioned Officer.  Each rank requires you to take on new and varied tasks; however, you will be supported and given local and overseas specialist training so that you will be equipped with the skills to effectively carry out your duties to the best of your ability. Your future is as diverse and as rewarding as you want it to be in Your Regiment.

Ready to join? Men and women who are between the ages of 18 and 45; are commonwealth citizens; residents of Bermuda; meet security clearances; and pass the mandatory drug testing may volunteer for the Bermuda Regiment.  They are required to sign on for an initial period of 3 years and 2 months but may be able to extend their service period.  Men may volunteer to commence their service before being selected by random ballot.  Volunteers are not distinquished from other soldiers and have the same rights and obligations.  If you are ready to join the Bermuda Regiment, come to Warwick Camp, #1 South Road, Warwick, WK 01 – Opposite Chaplin Bay between 8:30am and 5:00pm.  For further information, call 238-1045 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For more information about Recruit Training please click here: The Bermuda Regiment - Recruits