First Ever All-volunteer Recruit Camp a Success!

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Royal Bermuda Regiment recruits mark successful first week

First Week


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First All-Volunteer Recruit Camp

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Limited Engagement Musicians 2016


The Royal Bermuda Regiment is offering a unique opportunity for musicians to join its ranks on a special limited engagement package for the period of one year initial service.

Please see attached document for more information.


Press Release - Recruit Camp 2016 to be all Volunteer

Next year’s Recruit Camp will be all volunteer for the first time ever, Royal Bermuda Regiment Commanding Officer Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown said yesterday. 

The news means that recruits due to be conscripted for the two-week training camp in January have been told by letters sent yesterday that they will not be needed – although they will remain liable for potential service in future years. 

Col Foster-Brown said: “I’m delighted – many people thought this wouldn’t be achievable, so it’s excellent news. 

“It’s the result of a lot of hard work and emphasis on ensuring that service in the RBR is attractive and rewarding.” 

Col Foster-Brown explained that the deferments for conscripts were possible due to high number of volunteers and a large increase in soldiers opting to extend their service. 

He said: “The great thing about the retention rates is that these are people who know exactly what the RBR is like because they are in it. It’s a huge vote of confidence in the Regiment and what we do.” 

 He added: “The timing is fortunate with the proposed amendments to the Defence Act which will address the issue of compulsory service; also of course we have just celebrated our 50th Anniversary so it’s a special year.” 

And Col Foster-Brown said a challenge for the future was “maintaining the momentum” in recruitment in the years to come. 

He added: “We are in discussions with the Government about support in this particular area.” 

Between 50 and 60 volunteer soldiers – the first to join the Island’s defence force after it was renamed the Royal Bermuda Regiment earlier this year to mark its 50th anniversary – are expected to start their training next January. 

Col Foster-Brown stressed: “For those who were balloted this year or in previous years, and have not started their service, their liability for service remains. 

“They may well be called in subsequent years, but they will not be required next year.” 

But he said that there was potential for conscripts who wanted to change their status to volunteers to start their training in January, and they should follow the instructions in the letters they have or will shortly receive in the post. 

Col Foster Brown said: “There is scope to allow some to start their training immediately if they wish to volunteer.”

A Regiment career offers recruits adventure, opportunities to travel, acquire skills useful in civilian life, test themselves to their limits and competitive rates of pay, as well as a $300 bounty for new volunteers. For more information, call 238-1045 or visit  


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Regiment given Freedom of City

Freedon of Hamilton

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