Last RBR Recruitment Night

The final enlistment night for this year’s Royal Bermuda Regiment will be held tomorrow night (THURS). RBR Adjutant Major Duncan Simons said it was the last chance to complete enlistment in one easy process.

He said: “Anyone considering a career in the RBR should attend – if they sign up on Thursday night, they’re guaranteed to be able to start Recruit Camp on Sunday, January 14.

“After that, it’s a bit more difficult to sign people up for this month’s Recruit Camp, although it’s possible.”

Major Simons said volunteer soldiers benefited from leadership training, the chance to learn new skills and experience adventure training.

He added: “All of that is transferable to our soldiers’ civilian lives – the RBR experience produces better-rounded, self-disciplined and determined people and that means better employees.”

Major Simons added, however, that some recruits had said their employers did not want them to sign up.

But he said that RBR service was protected under both employment law and the Defence Act – with penalties for offending employers.

Major Simons added: “Some employers think because there’s no longer conscription or mandatory service, the law no longer applies. The law still applies.”

The enlistment night will be held at Warwick Camp between 6pm and 8pm tomorrow.

For more information, visit or phone 238 1045.