RBR Host Joint Forces Media and IO Training

US NORTHCOM and the UK MOD sponsored a week-long Subject Matter Expert Exchange hosted by the RBR to enhance the regiment’s Directed Imagery, Information Operations, and Operational Security capability 11-15 February 2019.

The training was delivered by the UK, US, Canada and the Bahamas under the auspices of the Caribbean Region Information Operations Council and built on similar training delivered in February 2018.  Training was delivered in three areas:

  1. Direct Imagery:  Soldiers from the PR section and other subunits continued to develop their photography skillset with a focus on producing video products.  Training concluded with participants interviewing soldiers and the governor.
  1. Operational Security:  The Regiment is developing its policy and training to ensure the security of information.
  1. Recruiting and Retention:  An information operations planning framework was used to further develop the Regiment’s recruiting and retention plan building on work done over the past two years.

Maj Duncan Simons, Adjutant and Public Relations Officer, RBR, said “As a small organization with limited resources it is important to develop regional partnerships to enhance our capabilities.  Recruiting and Retention is our number one priority.  This means investing in our people with world class training and showing Bermuda and the Region what we do.  The soldiers who participated this week will play a big role in moving the Regiment into the future.”

LTC Alexander Lewis, USARMY U.S. NORAD and USNORTHCOM, said “This week we brought together members of the MOD-UK, Royal Bahamas Defense Force and U.S. NORTHCOM to develop Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR) Information Operations and Directed Imagery Combat Camera capability.  We continue to work with our partners in the region during peace time to prepare for times of disaster and civil unrest.  The Royal Bermuda Regiment continues to prove to be a partner that brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to bear with its Humanitarian/Disaster Relief and Internal Security capabilities.  I am excited about our partnership and the future abilities the Regiment will bring to bear.” 

Cpl Gary Dowling, Bandsmen, B Coy participated in the Combat Camera Training said, "The course was really informative and expanded on knowledge gained on the COMCAM training offered last year.  We really benefited from excellent instructors. The highlight was interviewing the Governor. 

Leading Mechanic Al Rahming of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Public Affairs Unit was an instructor on the course noted, When I arrived I didn’t know what to expect from the Regiment soldiers in terms of their skill level.  I was definitely impressed with how quickly the students caught on and retained knowledge and admired their creativity and I’m looking forward to seeing great things.