RBR On Parade for Queen's Birthday

The Royal Bermuda Regiment was front and centre today (SAT) for the traditional celebration of the Queen’s Birthday.

RBR soldiers and the RBR’s Band & Corps of Drums led the parade from Cabinet Office in Hamilton to Front Street watched by hundreds of onlookers.

Ingo Wiedermann, 48, a tourist from Frankfurt, Germany, said: “We stopped by by accident and it was a pleasure to get a chance to see it.

“I was aware Bermuda is still a British Territory. It’s showing tradition – there is a lot of ancient history here.”

The RBR led the parade, which also included the RBR Junior Leaders, the Bermuda Police Service and the Sea Cadets, and fired the feu de joie, a rolling rifle salute in honour of the anniversary.

Governor John Rankin, Premier David Burt, Cabinet members, Leader of the Opposition Craig Cannonier and other dignitaries watched the parade from the flagpole stand on Front Street.

Chris Jones, a property manager from Southampton, added: “This is a tradition that Bermuda should honour. “

Sharon Craig, his partner and an corporate administrator, added: “I love the band . I’m a big fan of the Regiment band.”

The event was a special day for Sergeant Major James Van-Lowe, who was awarded a Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 43 years of service to his country, most of it in the RBR band.

Sgt Maj. Van-Lowe, 59, from Warwick, who has retired as band Sergeant Major, but still plays, said he could not single out a highlight in his career.

He added: “Everything’s been a highlight.”

Sgt Maj. Van-Lowe said the news of the honour came as a shock.

He added: “I was minding my own business and the phone rang – I was surprised. But it is a honour to be recognised.”

Colour Sergeant Sheldon Fox, trainee Bandmaster in the Regiment, said: “The Band always knows how to put on a good show at any performance because we serve the people of Bermuda.

“The Band is heavily involved in creating a marvellous tourism experience.

“We perform regularly throughout the year at events like Beating of the Retreat, the Queen’s Birthday, the Peppercorn Ceremony in St George’s and Remembrance Day.

“We are proud to represent the Royal Bermuda Regiment and our country.”

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