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Commanding officer (CO)

The CO is in overall command of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

Second-in-Command (2IC)

The 2IC assumes command of the Regiment in the absence of the CO.

Company Commanders (OC)

Company Commanders (also known as Officers Commanding , hence “OC”) are responsible to the CO for the training, discipline, organisation and administrative efficiency of their companies.  The Companies in the Regiment are A Company (A Coy), C Company (C Coy), Support Company (Sp Coy), Quartermaster’s Company (QM Coy), Training Wing (Trg Wg)and Band Company (Bnd Coy).

Staff Officer (SO)

The SO advises the CO and has special responsibilities for operational plans, security and overseas liaison.   

Training Officer (TO)

The TO is responsible for coordinating all the training that is carried out within the Regiment.

 Quartermaster (QM)

In addition to his role as an OC, the QM is responsible to the CO for all matters dealing with the logistical administration of the Regiment, such as: facilities, clothing and equipment, rations, weapons, instruments, vehicles, fuel, lighting, etc.

 Director of Music (DOM)

In addition to his role as an OC, the Director of Music is responsible for the good order, musical training and general well being of the Band and Corps of Drums.

 Adjutant (Adjt)

The Adjt is the CO’s personal staff officer and is responsible  to the CO for the discipline and administration of the  Regiment.

 Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)

The RSM is the senior enlisted man of the Royal Bermuda Regiment and is responsible to the CO for the standard of drill and discipline of the Regiment.