Senior Command Team

Commanding Officer (CO)

CO Des

Lt Col DFT Curley, ED

The CO is in overall command of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.  He is responsible directly to the Governor and Government of Bermuda for the training and operational capability of the Regiment.  The CO is selected approximately every three years from the available Majors who are interested in being considered for the position.  It generally takes at least 15 - 20 years of service in order to be considered for CO.



Second-in-Command (2IC) and Paymaster


 Maj Warren Furbert, EM

The 2iC and Paymaster are normally seperate positions.  However, until a new 2iC is selected Maj Furbert assumes the responsibilities of the post.  The 2IC assumes command of the Regiment in the absence of the CO.  He is the senior Major in the Battalion, and pays general attention to the administration of all branches of the Regiment. 

The Paymaster is the senior financier for the Regiment and reports directly to the CO.  He also has a variety of administrative responsibilities related to the budget, salaries, the Military Register, the Annual Draft, and the Exemption Tribunal.

Company Commanders (also known as Officers Commanding , hence “OC”) are responsible to the CO for the training, discipline, organization and administrative efficiency of their companies. The Companies in the Bermuda Regiment are Charlie Company (C Coy), Alpha Company (A Coy), Support Company (Sp Coy), Quartermaster’s Company (QM Coy) and Band Company (Band Coy).


Staff Officer (SO)


Maj Andrew J Clarke


The SO advises the CO and has special responsibilities for operational plans, security and overseas liaison.


Training Officer (TO)

Maj Beasley

 Maj Ben Beasley

The TO is responsible for coordinating the design and implementation of all training that is carried out within the Regiment. 


Quartermaster (QM)

Capt Wainwright

Capt Kenneth Wainwright, EM

In addition to his role as an OC, the QM is responsible to the CO for all matters dealing with the logistical administration of the Regiment, such as: facilities, clothing and equipment, rations, weapons, instruments, vehicles, fuel, lighting, etc.


Director of Music (DOM)


Maj Dwight Robinson, EM

In addition to his role as an OC, the Director of Music is responsible for the good order, musical training and general well being of the Band and Corps of Drums.


Adjutant (Adjt)

Capt Duncan Simons1

Capt Duncan Simons

The Adjt is the CO’s personal staff officer and is responsible to the CO for the discipline and administration of the Bermuda Regiment.


Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)


WO1 Alvin Harvey, EM

The RSM is the senior enlisted man of the Bermuda Regiment and is responsible to the CO for the standard of drill and discipline of the Regiment.

Company Commanders (OC)

Capt Madeiros

OC A Company - A/Maj David Madeiros



OC Support Company  -  Captain Christopher Gauntlett


 Maj Ratteray

OC C Company - Maj Larenzo Ratteray


(also see the Director of Music and the Quartermaster)