Regular Training

You are required to attend all local training as directed and complete an Annual Camp each year.  Training requirements are generally detailed in training calendars provided to you at the start of the training period.  In addition, there may be other training that you will be directed to attend. 


Failure to attend training is an offence (See Military Offences).

If you need to be excused from training you must follow established procedure.  (See Absences).

Drill Nights

A Drill Night is the standard training evening which you are required to attend once a week.  You are required to report on time for muster at 1830 hrs (6:30 p.m.) or as instructed.  You are to bring all kit and equipment as instructed.  A drill night may involve periods of instruction in military or other skills, live firing, physical fitness or parade (drill) practice.  The evenings are generally 2 to 3 hours in duration.  If you have any questions about what you need for a particular evening, call your company office.

Weekend Training

During the training year you are required to participate in a number of training weekends.  These typically run from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon.  The weekends may involve your whole Company, or even the entire Regiment.


As a soldier you will be trained to a high standard of drill with a view to participating in a series of ceremonial parades.  These include: The Peppercorn Ceremony (April), The Queen’s Birthday Parade (June), The Convening of the Legislature (usually October) and The National Service of Remembrance (November).  You will be required to practice for these parades on regular drill nights in Warwick Camp and on location, usually the Sunday preceding the parade.

Community and Other Service

Throughout your service you may be required, or requested to volunteer, for certain training or activities outside of regular drills.  This may include specialist training (e.g. Driving Cadre) or community service support.