Fitness & Training

To become an effective soldier you will need to be physically fit.  Your Regiment appreciates that not everyone starts their service in great physical condition and we encourage you to improve your basic fitness through your own personal routine that will be supported by your regular training.

Basic Fitness

EACH DAY try to fit in 10 to 20 minutes of physical activity, such as:

Regular Training

You are required to attend all local training as directed and complete an Annual Camp each year.  Training requirements are generally detailed in training calendars provided to you at the start of the training period.  In addition, there may be other training that you will be directed to attend. 


Courses - Local & Overseas

Your Regiment offers extensive training in many areas and not all of this training is strictly military.  Certain training in Bermuda is limited due to space, resources and logistics.  The Regiment has access to extensive training opportunities in different roles in varied locations.

Sports & Recreation

Your Regiment and its personnel are involved in sporting and recreational activities inside and outside of the Regiment.  Your Regiment organises or participates in several sporting events including The Bermuda Regiment Annual 5K Breakfast Run (February), May 24th Marathon Derby, various uniformed services challenges, inter-mess competitions in football, cricket and golf, the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess Annual Fishing Tournament (July), to name but a few.