Request for Leave (to Travel)


All Regiment personnel must have permission from the Regiment before traveling overseas. Leave is a privilege that must be requested as follows:

  • Plan (BUT DO NOT BOOK) well in advance of your dates of travel and consult the Regiment's Forecast of Events/Training Calendar to ensure that your proposed travel dates do not conflict with the timing of Regimental Exercises;
  • Complete a Leave Request Form in your Company Office as soon as you know about your proposed departure, submitting your draft itinerary;
  • Within a week you will be informed whether your leave has been granted. You should be aware that your attendance and disciplinary record will be taken into consideration; and,

It is appreciated that travel may be required at short notice for employment or personal reasons. Contact your Company Full Time Instructor (FTI) by telephone in such circumstances

Absence Due to Illness

A soldier who considers himself too ill to attend a drill/parade/weekend is to inform his Coy FTI before the event by telephone or in person. A DOCTOR'S NOTE MUST BE PRODUCED WITHIN 7 DAYS. The note must state that the soldier was unfit for duty at the appropriate time and give a brief description of the ailment. Failure to produce an acceptable note will result in the soldier being charged for absence. Falsifying sick notes is an offence.

Request to be Excused

Personal or work circumstances may cause conflict with planned Regimental training. You should inform your immediate commander and/or FTI as soon as you are aware of a conflict and SEEK PERMISSION TO BE EXCUSED. If you have not been formally excused and you fail to perform the scheduled military duty, you are liable for charge.

Longer Term Absences (Medical or Schooling)

If you suffer a long-term injury or medical condition, you are required to obtain a Doctor’s medical assessment which should indicate the timeframe for recovery. The Regimental Medical Officer will review this and determine if you should be deferred for a period of time or exempted from future service.
Soldiers seeking to continue their education overseas should apply through their Company office, producing relevant enrollment documentation. The Commanding Officer in approving such leave will post soldiers to Holding Company for the duration of this period with the soldier resuming active service thereafter.