As a soldier you will be issued various uniforms. The Dress Regulations covering your uniforms are contained in Standing Orders and reproduced on the following pages.
Your uniform and how you wear it is a representation of you as an individual and your Regiment. Wear it with pride!

Wearing Your Uniform Correctly

capbadgeIn all instances your uniforms should be clean and in serviceable order. They should fit you firmly, yet comfortably without being too tight or baggy. Key considerations:
  • Your cap badge should be highly polished;
  • Your boots should be highly polished, properly laced and maintained; and,
  • Your belts and webbing should be sized appropriately and fit correctly.
If you need to exchange your uniform, you may visit Quartermaster’s Stores during regular working hours (Call to confirm on 238-3896). Lost, stolen or damaged uniforms should be reported to your immediate superior to ensure proper reporting and replacement as appropriate.


shaveMoustaches must be trimmed in line with the upper lip. No other facial hair is permitted and you are to be clean and neatly shaven for every Regimental activity. A medical officer will issue shaving certificates to personnel who are unable to shave for valid medical reasons. This certificate is to be carried by the soldier at all times and produced when ordered.


Your hair is to be closely cropped at all times. Sideburns are not permitted and hair should be kept above the collar. Lines and other designs are not permitted; this includes your eyebrows.


Jewelry is not to be worn, with the exception of wedding bands. Servicewomen only are permitted to wear a single pair of small gold stud earrings.