Military Offences


As a disciplined organization, your Regiment depends on everyone’s compliance with military and civilian law and order. Those breaking these rules may be charged with a Military Offence as detailed in the Second Schedule of the Defence Act (1965). In summary, these offences are:

Neglect of Duty While on Guard

You must not sleep when on duty, be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on post or leave your location without being properly relieved.

Insubordinate Behavior

It is a serious offence to strike or otherwise use violence or threatening or insubordinate language to a superior rank.


You must not, whether willfully or through neglect, disobey any lawful command.

Disobedience to Standing Orders

You must not contravene or fail to comply with any Standing Orders or other orders of a continuous nature.

Absence without leave

While attending a camp or embodiment are not to be absent without leave (permission).

Failure to Perform Military Duties

You must not fail to attend a drill, parade or other military duty of any description without reasonable excuse or leave any such parade or duty without permission.


Drunkenness refers to both alcohol and being under the influence of any drug or controlled substance while in the service of the Regiment.

Loss of or Damage to Public Property

You must treat all public and regimental property (be it buildings, equipment, uniforms, weapons, etc.) with the utmost respect. Loss of or damage thereto is a serious offence.

Ill-Treatment of Subordinates

A person senior to another will not strike, use violence or otherwise ill-treat a subordinate.

Conduct to the Prejudice of Good Order and Military Discipline

You can be charged for any conduct, act or failure to act which contravenes good order and military discipline.