Embodiment Procedures

Whenever your Regiment or Company is embodied, you are to report to Warwick Camp immediately.  The time limit for reporting is ONE HOUR from the first announcement over the radio or TV.   You may also be warned by telephone at your home or place of employment by your Company Commander, Company Sergeant Major, Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant or Section Commander.
It is your duty to report immediately after you are warned that embodiment has taken place.  No excuse will be accepted for failing to report.

Reporting Procedure

  • Collect all relevant Regimental kit and proceed to Warwick Camp;
  • You should pack your rucksack as instructed and keep it packed as you may require it at short notice. BE READY. Remember to keep this kit serviceable at all times;
  • On arrival park your car or cycle in the car park below Warwick Camp and ensure that you lock it;
  • Report to your Company Office to have your name registered and hand in your car/cycle keys. They will be labeled and any authorised drivers names recorded;
  • You will then be told to draw your weapon if required and will be sent to your platoon area. Your platoon area will probably be a barrack room. Here you will be briefed on the task you will perform. You are not to leave this area without permission from your Platoon Commander or Sergeant; and,
  • At this stage you will be under your Platoon Sergeant and draw kit as required. Once this has been done and you have reported back to your platoon area you will not leave that area again until ordered to do so.