Zero Tolerance on Drugs

Your Regiment’s position on drug use, handling or any other activity with illicit drugs, is one of zero tolerance.  Do not use drugs!

The policy is outlined in Standing Order No. 58 and is to be read and understood by all ranks.  The key points are presented below:

  1. It is an offence to handle, possess or take drugs of any nature. (Except those permitted by law and prescribed by a Medical Officer);
  2. The Bermuda Regiment reserves the right to conduct drugs tests on any serving soldier, at any time. These tests will be conducted by the Medical section, by those deemed by the Medical Officer as qualified to do so;
  3. Any soldier testing positive for drug during an embodiment, or Military camp such as Recruit Camp or Overseas Camp, will be subject to military charges in accordance with the Defence Act 1965 (as amended), second schedule, paragraph 7;
  4. All soldiers wishing to be posted to the Regimental Police, Specialist Units or Armoury will be drug tested prior to posting. Positive results will prohibit postings;
  5. Any former soldier, regardless of previous rank, wishing to re-join the Bermuda Regiment must first undergo a drug test. Positive results will preclude their re-joining; and,
  6. The Commanding Officer may, if he deems the case merits, refer a soldier to local agencies for mandatory rehabilitative counselling.


Do not use drugs!