Pay & Performance Bonuses

Your time served is valuable and your Regiment endeavours to ensure that you are adequately compensated and recognised for your service.

Pay Rates

In 2007, your Regiment radically overhauled its pay structure to be in line with other uniformed services.  Your rate of pay is determined by your rank and the number of years served in that rank.  Pay rates are reviewed annually in August of each year.  The adjacent table shows pay rates in effect from 1 August 2013. All payments are made in Bermuda Dollars by electronic deposit to either a Current or Savings Account at either HSBC, Butterfield or Clarien Bank. No payments will be made by cheque or cash.

 Payment Times 

  • Regular Drills—You will be paid three times a year in March, June and December; this will cover your evening and weekend drills served for that pay period.
  • Camp and Embodiment Pay—You will be paid in advance or at the end of each week.
  • Performance Bonuses  —Paid annually in December.


Pay Scales

Performance Bonuses

In addition to pay each soldier may also qualify for the payment of performance bonuses on passing Mandatory Annual Training Tests. $375 is awarded for passing all 5 tests, and $300 if you pass 4.  If you pass 3 or less you will not receive a bonus.  

  • Passing the Combat Fitness Test (CFT);
  • Passing the Personal Fitness Test (PFT);
  • Passing the Annual Personal Weapons Test (APWT);
  • Passing Annual First Aid Test;

  • Passing Rules of Engagement Test (ROE)