Want to Join the Regiment?

Any person legally resident in Bermuda, physically fit, of sound mind and who has a clean criminal record may apply to join the Regiment. 

You can join at any time during the year and start serving as soon as you have finished the enlistment process.   

Complete this form and we will contact you or call us at 238-1045 during the work week:

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Next Steps

  1. Interview. We will contact you to make arrangements for you to come to Warwick Camp for an interview with the Regimental Sergeant Major and to complete the necessary paperwork.

  2. Provide Documentation:
    1. Your passport.  If you don’t have a passport you will need to apply for one.  You will be required to travel overseas for training during your service with the Regiment.

    2. Your Social Insurance Card.  If you don’t have a Social Insurance number, you will need to apply for one.  The Regiment pays your Social Insurance during camps and embodiments.

    3. A letter from your doctor stating that you have no preexisting conditions that would prevent you from serving.

    4. If you are a work permit holder you will need to bring a copy of your work permit, and a letter from your employer supporting your application.

    5. It is recommended that you bring a character reference.

    6. We require your banking details so that you can be paid.  You must be a beneficiary on the account.

  3. Fitness Test.  We will also arrange a date for you to complete a fitness test.  The test entails completing as many pushups in two minutes and then as many sit ups as possible in two minutes.  You will then be required to complete the Multistage Fitness Test or Bleep Test.  You must give your best effort for all three tests.  We are looking for recruits who are of average or better fitness for their age.  The fitness test can be completed during your initial visit to Warwick Camp if you are prepared or at any time before recruit camp.

  4. Doctors Visit.  We will arrange for you to see a Regiment doctor who will declare you to be fit for military service.  You may be subject to a drug test as well as a psychological test.

  5. Vetting.  We will submit your name for vetting with the Bermuda Police Service.

  6. Attestation.  Once the above items have been completed you will return to Warwick Camp to take the Oath of Allegiance and affirm that your particulars are correct.  Once this has been completed your name will be published on Part One Orders, you will complete recruit training and you will be a soldier of the Regiment.