In The Mood - 1988

We have made available the 1988 recording of "In The Mood" by the Bermuda Regiment Band thanks to the digital conversion of the original record by #blackstarsound.

The record is available for download here:


1. Imperial Echoes Safroni
2. Football Grand Entry Walters
3. Our Director Bigelow
4. Songs of Valour Dill/Lowe
5. Abide With Me Monk Arr Dill
6. Sunset Green
(Buglers CSgt Neilson Degraff and Bdsm Dennis Astwood)
7. The Bermuda Regiment March Past Dunn

8. Perdido Tizol
9. Come Back to Sorrento Walters
(Soloist Cpl Winston Defraff)
10. A Train Strayhorn
11. Calypso Medley Luboff/Dill
12. In the Mood Garland
13. Bermuda National Song Johns
(Vocal Soloist WO2 Chauncey Durham)


The Bermuda Regiment was formed when the two existing units, the Bermuda Militia Artillery and the Bermuda Rifles amalgamated on September 1st, 1965. The Colours were presented by H.R.J. Princess Margaret on November 24th of that same year. There is conscription in the Regiment, however it is not a full time unit, but rather along the lines of a British Territorial Army or a United States National Guard Reserve.

The Band of the Bermuda Regiment at present has a total of 60 members most of whom are volunteers. Their ages range from the youngest junior bandsman at 14 years, to the most senior at 50 years. The average length of time served in the unit is 15 years, with the longest being 27 years; hence there is a strong sense of tradition which is passed on to the younger musicians. Many persons who have served with the band go on to colleges and universities in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States to study music and through the inspiration and support gained from the band, have returned to Bermuda to teach as well as serve with the Band.

The Bermuda Regiment Band performs on Retreat, and all State/Ceremonial occasions. They have also travelled fairly extensively and toured Canada, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Caribbean, and eastern United States. Some recent highlights and accomplishments of the band include performing and placing 2nd in the Marching Bands Competition at the Canadian Exhibition in 1977; performing in the Festival of Flowers in the Netherlands in 1979; the Nova Scotia Tattoo in 1983; the Lord Mayor’s Show in London in 1984; and at the Walt Disney World Epcot Centre in 1986. More recently the band participated in the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington Ontario, Canada and also the International Freedom Festival in Windsor, Ontario and Stone Mountain Highland Games and Tattoo in Atlanta Georgia.

The Band is also involved in many community activities, fund raising, charitable and sporting events as well as performing in many church concerts. They are a proud Military unit who have served as a source of pride to Bermuda, and are well supported by the local community.