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Major Emergency Exercise Held In Dockyard

Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers at the weekend joined forces with other emergency services for a major disaster exercise in the run-up to the America’s Cup. More than 250 personnel took part in a Dockyard disaster simulation designed to test the island’s responses to a major incident involving dozens of deaths and serious injuries. Participants in the exercise, which saw mass casualties treated at the scene and transferred to hospital, were drawn from the RBR, police, fire service, Customs, St John Ambulance, the Red Cross and the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. Read More...

Regiment Hosts Caribbean Forces

Representatives from numerous Caribbean forces have come together this week in Bermuda to discuss information operations. The fourth meeting of the Caribbean Region Information Operations Council brought together representatives from the US, UK, Canada and throughout the Caribbean to share information and tactics to better achieve their goals. Read More....

Battle of Vimy Ridge Centenary - RG

Bermuda’s vital contribution to a Canadian victory at the Battle of Vimy Ridge 100 years ago was commemorated on Sunday by island historian Dr Edward Harris.  The Bermuda Militia Artillery played a key role in supporting artillery, which cut through German barbed wire, bombarded enemy trenches and allowed Canadian troops to capture the strategic ridge. Read More...

Regiment and Police Team up for Training

Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers at the weekend joined forces with police officers to boost their public order capabilities. More than 40 soldiers and police officers spent two days honing skills regularly practised to ensure the two forces can work together well.  Read more. 

Regiment Divers Gain Top Diving Qualifications

A total of six Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers have completed a diving course run by a top US police diving school.

Now the six, who all previously had rescue diver certification, are operational support divers, trained in sub-sea bomb detection, evidence recovery and body recovery after completing the course requirements of the US-based National Academy of Police Diving. 

Read Here 

Island’s Top Employers Honoured

Law firm Marshall Diel & Myers was yesterday crowned Bermuda’s top employer.

The Hamilton company topped the rankings in The Bottom Line Top Ten Employers Awards.

Adam Richards, appointed managing director of the firm this month, said: “We are very surprised and honoured to receive the award.


Royal Bermuda Regiment Plays Role In Couple's Aerial Proposal

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) is praising a group of young people from the Royal Bermuda Regiment after they created a lifelong vacation memory for a couple from Massachusetts.

Five Royal Bermuda Regiment Junior Leaders, led by Maj. Henry Campbell and Lt. Claire Lightbourne, spent four hours at Warwick Long Bay this summer using carved pieces of tarpaulin to spell out the phrase ‘Will you marry me?’ on the pink sand shoreline. 


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