Mission, Roles & Responsibilities

The Royal Bermuda Regiment Mission:
To support the Civil Authority with the security of Bermuda, its peoples, property, livelihood and interests in order to maintain normality.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Regiment falls under the remit of His Excellency the Governor who serves as Commander-in-Chief.  The Regiment is guided by the appointed members of the Defence Board.  Delegated Authority to the Government of Bermuda rests with the Minister of Public Safety. These authorities outline their requirements for the Regiment in areas such as:

1.           Assistance to the Civil Authority, namely:

a.       Assistance to the Civil Ministries
The Regiment may be called upon to give assistance to various government ministries.  This could be responding to a crisis beyond their immediate control or other more routine requests for assistance.  Crises include natural disasters such as hurricanes and man-made catastrophes like plane crashes and oil spills.  Non-crisis assistance may include maritime support to Police, Customs and Fisheries, medical support to BFRS EMTs and the provision of ceremonial guards and the Band and Corps of Drums for parades and official or state occasions.

b.     Assistance to the Civil Power
The Regiment may be called upon to assist the civil power by providing protection for the Key Points (KPs) and other Internal Security (IS) Operations in support of the Police – such as crowd control.  Bermuda has a number of critical KPs such as the airport, oil terminals and BELCO, some of which may require reinforced security during difficult periods.

c.      Assistance to Bermudian Society
The Regiment provides important support to the integration and development of Bermudians through provision of a common military experience, the opportunity to enhance life skills and an appreciation of discipline.  By developing skills to support, and respect for, civil authority and society we mold better citizens and make Bermuda a better country.

2.      Assistance to the International Community
The Regiment has sent individuals and entire platoons to provide assistance the International Community.  Of recent note is the Internal Security deployment to Barbados for the World Cup of Cricket and disaster relief efforts in Grenada, Cayman and Turks and Caicos.