RBR Win Range Challenge

The Royal Bermuda Regiment today (FRI) triumphed in a joint services shoot-out on the firing range. The RBR’s Sergeants’ Mess team beat Recruit Camp’s Section 2, the best of the rookie soldiers, in the falling plates competition after a reshoot because one plate failed to fall after being hit.

The Sergeants’ Mess beat a team from the Bermuda Police Service to go on to the final of a competition that also involved teams from HM Customs.

Sergeant Curtis Grant said: “Hats off to the recruits. They did well. Section 2 were worthy opponents.”

The competition was one of the last before the recruits end their two weeks of training with a drill display and open house for family and friends on Saturday afternoon.

Private Adam Courtenay, 28, said he had enjoyed his two weeks’ basic training. He added: “I wanted something to do and wanted to do something for my wife and children and Bermuda. The graphic designer from Sandys said: “It’s been challenging some days, I’m not going to lie, but overall it’s been a good experience. “But I’m looking forward to seeing my wife and son when I get home.”

Private Dajae Nesbitt, 20, added: “I’ve enjoyed it a lot - I’ve liked almost everything, really. I’m tired, but it’s almost over. The Devonshire woman, a babysitter in civilian life, said: “I liked being on the range - I don’t like the marching and drill much, but I just got on with it.”

Private Kyle Furbert, 25, added: “I’ve really liked the fieldcraft and I enjoyed sleeping out in the woods. I liked the shooting as well.”

RBR Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel David Curley said: “I’m happy with the results from these volunteer recruits. “I have done inspections on the drill square and their kit is starting to look very good. They’re very keen - they’re tired, but they’ve had long days.” Col. Curley added: “We’re looking forward to having friends and family up to camp to have a look at our newest soldiers’ progress. We think they’ll be impressed.” He said: “We are an open organisation and we want people to see that we look after our soldiers properly.”

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