London District (UK)



London District is the British Army Headquarters through which the Bermuda Regiment maintains formal relations with the British Army.  The Bermuda Regiment is able to request logistical, training and operations support as required.

The Royal Anglian Regiment (UK)



In both World Wars members of the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps served in battle alongside the Lincolnshire Regiment.  Through this service an affiliation grew which has extended through the Lincolns’ successor regiment, the Royal Anglians.  Loan service officers have served with distinction in the Regiment as Staff Officer, Adjutant, RSM, Training Warrant Officer and Full Time Instructors (FTIs).  In addition Royal Anglian and Royal Bermuda Regiment personnel join their sister regiments on local and overseas camps. 

The Lincoln and Welland Regiment (Canada)



Another part of the Lincolnshire Regiment connection extends to St Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada—home of the “Links and Winks”.  Through joint training on overseas camps & loan service personnel during Recruit Camp we continue this historic affiliation.

The Jamaica Defence Force



The newly formed Bermuda Regiment first went to Jamaica in the late 1960s and has been going back for training and annual overseas camps ever since.  A close bond between the JDF and the Royal Bermuda Regiment has been fostered over these many years and today the Regiment benefits not only while in Jamaica, but through secondment of personnel.  Senior ranks from the JDF have served as RSM and FTIs and contribute instructors for our annual Recruit Camp.  Regiment personnel regularly benefit from diverse training courses conducted by the JDF.

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment



The Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RGR) is the home defence unit for the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.  The RGR has enjoyed a close association with the Royal Bermuda Regiment and personnel from both units have participated in exchanges and attachments over many years, including the Regiment’s Annual Overseas exercise in Jamaica and the United States and the RGR’s annual battalion level exercise in Morocco, Jebel Sahara.  There are many similarities and parallels between our Regiments: both are amalgamations of two predecessor units, one artillery and one infantry.  As such, both Regiments enjoy a very uncommon distinction: they possess two sets of Colours.  One set are the flags that are carried ceremonially on parade.  The second are the artillery guns used for ceremonial salutes.