Mission, Roles & Responsibilities


The Royal Bermuda Regiment is to:

  1. Recruit and retain an all-volunteer force.
  2. INFLUENCE through a targeted Information Operations campaign.
  3. SUPPORT the Bermuda Government in providing Military Aid to the Civil Authority.
  4. SUPPORT the Emergency Measures Organisation in responding to Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief operations.
  5. DEVELOP an externally focused Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief capability.
  6. DEVELOP and force generate a full-time professional Coast Guard capability.

In order to protect Bermuda’s interests.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Regiment falls under the remit [delegated responsibilities] of His Excellency, the Governor who serves as Commander-in-Chief.  The Regiment is funded by the Government of Bermuda with the Minister for National Security speaking on its behalf.  The Defence Board is an appointed body and acts in an advisory capacity to both the Commander-in-Chief and the Commanding Officer, but has no authority over the operation and planning of the Regiment.