Mission, Roles & Responsibilities


The Royal Bermuda Regiment is to provide military resources in order to protect Bermuda’s interests. 


In order to achieve the Unit’s mission, the RBR is responsible for the following:

Maritime.  The Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard is a marine force for the protection and security of Bermuda’s inshore waters, including a 24 hour Search and Rescue capability.  It operates in conjunction with other agencies which have maritime responsibilities including the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, Marine and Ports, Environmental Protection, Bermuda Police Service, and HM Customs Bermuda.  The RBR Coast Guard also contains the RBR Operational Divers which enable the unit to conduct duties on and below the surface of the sea. 

Force Protection.  The Regiment provides the means to minimise threats and hazards in order to maintain freedom of action and operational effectiveness.  This includes: Defence of High Value Assets, Military Security, Public Order, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and Fire Protection (usually in support of the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service). 

Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Relief.  The Regiment has a standing force to alleviate the results of a man-made or natural catastrophe; the consequences of which put lives and/or livelihoods at risk.  When mobilised they will seek to save life, relieve suffering, limit damage, restore essential services, and set the conditions for a swift recovery. 

Ceremonial: The Regiment’s Band & Corps of Drums and accompanying Marching Troops are well known to locals and tourists alike and have travelled across the globe providing professional standard pomp and pageantry to ceremonial events.

International Assistance:  Upon request, the Regiment provides subject matter expertise, military skills and resources to assist UN, NATO, regional, or international peace support operations or training, thereby enhancing Bermuda’s reputation within the international community.  

Enhancing Bermudian Society.  The Regiment provides an important role in supporting the integration and development of Bermudian society in the form of a common military experience for its soldiers and delivery of the Junior Leader’s programme for school students.  Through these and other activities members of the Unit develop an appreciation of discipline, leadership, followership, and the need to support civil authorities; thereby becoming better citizens.