Estate, Weapons, Equipment

Warwick Camp

Warwick camp has been the home of the Royal Bermuda Regiment since shortly after its founding in 1965.  Currently nine and a half acres, the camp was built in 1869 by the War Office and included the lands of the South Shore Park, Turtle Hill and included an 800m rifle range.  Today Warwick Camp can sleep 298 people across eight barrack blocks the Officers’ Mess and Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess.  There are four class rooms, an Operations Room, Regimental Headquarters, Guard Room, Company Offices and stores for equipment and clothing.  There is a 25m Barrack Range and an obstacle course.  The Dining Hall can seat 250 people.

The Royal Bermuda Regiment is a military unit and as such we use various weapons for various tasks.  All soldiers that handle any weapons no matter their rank are required to pass annual safety and capability tests: Weapons Handling Tests (WHT) & Annual Personal Weapons Test (APWT).  They are also required to pass a Rules of Engagement (ROE) assessment.  These tests ensure that soldiers are current in their abilities and that safe practices are being followed.

HK SA80 A2
In 2015 the Royal Bermuda Regiment was gifted 400 SA80 rifles by the British Army and it has replaced the Ruger Mini 14 as the Regiments standard issue riffle. The SA80 A2 L85 is a 5.56mm gas-operated assault rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch. The selective fire gas-operated design of SA80 A2 incorporates a bull-pup layout with magazine and firing mechanism behind the trigger group. The rifle's automation is provided by combusted powder gases which are fed into a short-stroke gas piston system on the barrel through a three-position adjustable gas regulator.
The SA80 A2 has an overall length of 785mm and barrel length of 518mm. The weight of the rifle with loaded magazine and optical sight is 4.98kg. The muzzle velocity of the rifle is 940m/s. It has a cyclic rate of fire of 610 to 775 rounds per minute. The SA80 A2 can effectively engage targets within the range of 400m. The fire-control lever allows the operator to select semi-automatic fire or fully automatic fire.

The shortest member of the 5.56 mm G36 family, the G36C is a Compact Carbine with a 9 inch (228 mm) barrel. With the butt stock folded it measures 19.67 inches (500 mm) and is shorter that a 9mm MP5. The G36C is the shortest standard production 5.56 mm carbine made. Its short size makes it especially handy for vehicle operations or any application where a powerful and compact 5.56 mm weapon is required.  The G36C is the standard issue rifle for the Boat Troop and Motor Transport Unit.

Beretta 92F
The Beretta 92F is an Italian designed short recoil, semi-automatic, single-action/double-action 9mm pistol which uses a 15-round staggered box magazine with a reversible magazine release button that can be positioned for either right- or left-handed shooters.  The Beretta is the standard issue weapon for senior officers.  The Glock 17 has been selected to replace the Beretta.

ARWEN 37 Riot Gun
The Arwen 37 is a 37mm rifled barrel, single shot weapon with a 5 round revolving drum magazine. It is designed to fire less than lethal ammunition, including plastic, CS, Capsin (pepper), smoke and blank rounds.  The weapon is fitted with a holographic sight, making it extremely accurate and is the primary weapon for crowd control operations and training.  It is also used by the Bermuda Police Service and has replaced the Federal Riot Gun (FRG) in Regiment service.

FN MAG-58 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG)
The GPMG is a gas operated, disintegrating belt fed 7.62mm weapon with a quick change barrel system to allow for overheating.  It can fire regular ball and tracer ammunition and can be fitted with a blank firing barrel to fire blank rounds.  While it can be fitted to a tripod for sustained fire, the Regiment only utilizes them in the light role 

The Royal Bermuda Regiment holds a variety of vehicles to serve its needs.  The vehicles are managed and serviced by the Motor Transport Section of Quartermasters Company.

Toyota Land Cruisers
The Regiment holds both enclosed and open back variants, both are used for general purpose tasks.

Heavy Trucks & Troop Carriers
The Regiment holds various heavy trucks and troop carriers including a crane truck, box trucks, used for the movement of stores, equipment and people accordingly.

Intermediate Vans
The Regiment holds a selection of cargo and passenger vans, primarily the Toyota HiAce.  These are used for the movement of people and equipment.

The Regiment holds a selection of boats operated by the Coast Guard.  The Coast Guard supports training and operations, including range safety, oil booming, EMO operations, and patrolling during peak periods.

Rigid Raider
In the early 1990's the Regiment took delivery of two Rigid Raider assault boats.  These boats are 18 feet long and are powered by twin 70 horsepower outboard engines.  Normally having a crew of three, these boats are designed to transport 10 fully equipped soldiers.  A stainless steel keel allows these boats to ride up onto beaches without damaging the hull.  

The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats or RHIBs were donated to the Bermuda Regiment by the Bermuda Police Service in 2004.  These boats are 24 feet long and are powered by twin 90 horsepower engines.  Unlike the Rigid Raiders these vessels are primarily used for patrol duties. 

Communications Unit in Logistics Company operates and maintains the Regiments radio system.

Sepura STP8200
The Sepura personal radio represents a quantum leap on the previous Bendix King radios of the 1990's.  Built to the TETRA standard, these provide secure digital voice communications between users and talk groups.  All major features are software defined and not tied to the physical hardware.  Each handset has a built in GPS for tracking purposes and the transmissions are encrypted.