Coast Guard

RBR Coast Guard Unit: 441-294-0610

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The Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard is a marine force for the protection and security of Bermuda’s territorial waters (out to 12 nautical miles).  In 2020, the Defence (Coast Guard Unit) Amendment Act 2018 came into effect, thus establishing the unit and setting out its powers.  

The unit provides a 24-hour search and rescue capability and enforces maritime law.

The RBR Coast Guard serves as a force multiplier for the agencies it operates in conjunction with, including the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, Marine and Ports, Environmental Protection, Bermuda Police Service, Bermuda Customs and Immigration, and the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service.

Legislated roles include the enforcement of laws relating to: the regulation of the territorial waters of Bermuda; quarantine; immigration; fisheries; safety at sea (which includes Bermuda’s international law maritime search and rescue obligations); detect and prevent contravention, of laws relating to customs and revenue; and prevention of persons from boarding, holding or clinging on to any vessel without the permission of the master of the vessel, and, if necessary, remove any such person from the vessel.

The RBR Coast Guard Unit also holds the RBR Operational Divers which enable the unit to conduct sub-surface recovery operations. 

The unit is based out of Scenic House on Watford Island, in Sandys.  

A listing of maritime laws can be found here.


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