Royal Bermuda Regiment Band

The Royal Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums provides musical support to the marching troops of the Royal Bermuda Regiment. Additionally, the Band supports the Government of Bermuda on state ceremonial functions, the Bermuda Community at civic, cultural, and corporate events and the international community, by invitation, at military band tattoos, showcases and other performances.

Musical capabilities include: Symphonic Wind Band, Corps of Drums, Brass Ensemble, Rock/Pop Band, Fanfare Trumpeters, Woodwind and Brass Quintets.


The Regiment Band is recruiting right now. For more information about joining the Royal Bermuda Regiment as a musician, please get in touch with the Band Office. Tel: 444-2317 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Royal Bermuda Regiment parades on four occasions each year led by the Band and Corps of Drums: The Peppercorn Parade, The Queen’s Birthday Parade, The Remembrance Day Parade and The Convening of the Legislature Parade. The Regiment also parades for the arrival and departure of our Commander in Chief, Her Excellency the Governor, and on the rare occasion of the Trooping of the Colours. The band performs the Beating the Retreat Ceremony during June, July and August.

Director of Music (DOM).
DOM is responsible for the good order, musical training and general wellbeing of the Band and Corps of Drums. The DOM is currently serving as OC B Coy.

Maj Dwight Robinson, EM, ED
OC B Coy and Director of Music (DOM)

Maj Robinson volunteered as a junior musician before finishing high school. He studied Music Education at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Ga. and attended the Bandmaster Course at the RMSM—Kneller Hall. He received his Warrant in 2002 and was commissioned in 2006. He is a principal member of the Government’s Ceremonials Committee and has been co-producer for the highly-successful Bermuda Tattoos. Maj. Robinson instructs in many areas and can be called upon to assist with hurricane recovery/disaster management. He has been on operations locally as well as to Bosnia-Herzegovina (Op Jebel Sonata--2003) and to the Grand Cayman (Op Cayman Comeback--2004). A licensed helicopter pilot, Maj. Robinson keeps busy. He is a trustee and the principal conductor for the Bermuda Youth Orchestra, has played in a number of local stage productions, is co-lead for the battalion’s SCUBA task force, a boatsman, and is a board member for several local organizations. He enjoys travel and reading as time permits.

Assistant Director of Music: Lieutenant SE Fox

Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant AT Stones EM

Drum Major: Sergeant KL Richardson EM

The Bermuda Regiment March

The Bermuda Regiment March is a stirring quick march heard when The Colours are marched on and off parade and when troops are marching past. The march was written in 1965 by then Director of Music Major LN Dunn, MBE, ED, ARCM. Lyrics were added by Maj B StV Dill, ED, EM, AVCM as follows:

Here’s To Us The Soldiers Of The Land, Our Land,
Honour Bound, Brave And Sure, We’re Proud From Man To Man,
Bermuda Is The Home Of Regimental Pride,
And To Our Flag We’ll Ever Be True.

Oh, Here’s To Us The Soldiers Of The Land, Our Land,
Following The Sounds Of Our Own Band Throughout The Land,
Oh, Here’s To Us The Leaders Of The Fight And Light,
And For Our Own, We’ll Struggle To The End.

For We Will Not Be Moved Away,
From Our Task, From Our Goals,
To Conquer All Our Foes,
For We Will All Unite,
To Preserve And Lead The Glorious Fight.

For We Will Not Be Swayed Away,
From Our Task, From Our Goals,
To Conquer All Our Foes,
For We Will All Unite,
To Preserve And Win The Glorious Fight.