Legislation, Boards, MNS

The Defence Act 1965 and Governors Orders 1993
The Defence Act 1965 and Governors Orders 1993 are the legislation that underpins the existence of the Regiment.  The Defence Act is divided into four parts.  Part I covers governance and the raising of the Regiment.  Part II covers the administration of the Regiment.  Part III outlines the application of military discipline.  Part IV lays out further administrative details from pay, pension, special leave, the duties of employers, notices etc.

Governor’s Orders 1993 supplement the Defence Act and detail the procedures for Command and Seniority (Part II), Registration for Service (Part III), Exemption From and Deferment of Service (Part IV), Promotion (Part V), The Promotions Bard (Part (VI), and the Period of Service (Part VII). 

Role of the Governor and Commander-in-Chief
Her Excellency the Governor as Commander-in-Chief of the Regiment has ultimate authority for the command, administration and discipline of the Regiment.  She appoints the Defence Board, Medical Board and Exemption Board and upon consulting them shall act in his discretion.  She is responsible for Governors Orders which govern various aspects of the Regiment.  When the need arises for the Regiment to be embodied she will consult Governors Council.

External Advisors and Groups
At times the Royal Bermuda Regiment needs to draw on the expertise of its advisory boards and its ministry.  The Regiment falls under the Ministry of National Security and is accountable to the Minister for operational funding and government administration.  The Regiment also consults with the Defence Board, Medical Board, and the Exemption Board.  These boards all advise The Governor as Commander-in-Chief and the Commanding Officer.

Defence Board
The Defence Board is an Advisory Board to the Governor on all operational and administrative matters in the Royal Bermuda Regiment.  The Board consists of the following:

  • Maj [Ret] William Madeiros, MVO, ED – Chair
  • Col J David Gibbons, OBE, ED, JP – Duputy Chair
  • Mr Tom Oppenheim – Deputy Governor
  • Mr Sean Tucker
  • Ms Roxanne Eve
  • Dr Deborah Trimm JP
  • Mr Sherwyn Richardson
  • Mrs Tracey Berkeley
  • Mr Alan Brooks
  • Mr Amon Wedderburn
  • Mr Peter Aldrich
  • Mr Arnold Todd – Secretary 

Defence Promotions Board

  • Maj [Ret] William Madeiros, MVO, ED – Chair
  • Col J David Gibbons, OBE, ED, JP – Deputy Chair
  • Ms Roxanne Eve
  • Mrs Tracey Berkeley
  • Mr Sherwyn Richardson
  • Mr Arnold Todd – Secretary

Defence Medical Board
The Royal Bermuda Regiment Medical Board consist of a group of doctors that the Regiment can refer medically unfit people to for review.  The Board consists of the following: 

  • Dr D Gordon Campbell MDCM, CCFP – Chair
  • Dr Joseph A Froncioni B.Sc., MDCM, FRCS(C)
  • Dr George G Shaw B.Sc., MD, LMCC
  • Surgeon Major Basil Wilson
  • Surgeon Major Gerhard Boonstra
  • Dr Kathryn Suter
  • Dr Stephen Sherwin

Defence Exemption Tribunal
The Exemption Tribunal is a group that determines if a person should be exempted or deferred from Military Service.  The Exemption Tribunal consists of the following people: 

  • Lt Col J David Gibbons, OBE, ED, JP
  • Maj [Ret] William Madeiros, MVO, ED – Chair
  • Col C Eugene Raynor, OBE (Mil), ED, JP
  • Mr Sherwyn Richardson
  • Ms Roxanne Eve
  • Mr Bruce Sharpe [Secretary]

Minister of National Security
The Ministry of National Security comprises several departments and agencies, including Ministry Headquarters; the Department of Customs (Border Control); the Department of Immigration (Border Control); the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service and delegated responsibilities for the Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment. The department heads report directly to the Permanant Secretary of National Security. In addition, the Ministry has responsibility for other statutory bodies appointed by the Minister. The Boards report to the Minister through the Secretary.