Coast Guard Encourages Water Safety this Bermuda Day Weekend

As the community looks forward to celebrating Bermuda Day and marking the start of summer, the Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard urges residents and visitors to enjoy activities on the water safely.

Crews step up patrols at this time of year to support boat operators and ensure they are acting responsibly for the enjoyment of everyone on and around shorelines.

Heightened focus will be placed on offences such as operating a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, lack of appropriate vessel safety equipment and breaches of Marine and Ports licensing regulations.

Captain Jason Harrell, Acting Officer Commanding, Coast Guard, said: “We know people want to enjoy themselves, maybe party, while out on the water, but we urge the boating public to be mindful of other members of the community, fellow boat operators and nearby householders.

“Please be considerate if you’re playing music, especially late at night.

“We want you and your guests to be able to make the most of Bermuda’s beautiful waters, and the majority of people need no reminders about the responsibility that comes with operating a vessel, but it’s important that boat users take some time before they head out to ensure that safety comes first.”

Boat operators are reminded that float plans should be filed with a friend or Bermuda Radio before leaving shore and these should include the vessel’s name, how many people are on board, the intended route or destination and the anticipated time of return.

By law, one fitting life jacket must be available for every person in the boat.

For boats required to carry flares, dye, rockets and smoke, now is a good time to check that they are in date. 

From June 1, boats must be licensed for 2024-25.

Other regulations include that boaters must not exceed the 5-knot speed limit and must operate at a speed such that no wake is created within 100 metres from shore. 

Appropriate safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, must be carried for the size of the vessel, and navigation lights must be in working order while operating at night.

Capt Harrell added: “The RBR Coast Guard will provide information via posts on our Instagram account about safety equipment, safe boating practices and any restrictions regarding activities on the water, if and when they are issued.

“We thank members of the public for their consideration and hope behaviour will be modified to ensure a happy and safe summer for everyone on the water.”

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