Modern Hair and Beard Policy Introduced

Rules around beards and hairstyles for Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers in uniform have been relaxed as the organisation takes a further step to embrace diversity and individuality among troops.

Cpl Simmons-Albouy & Pte du Preez - Video Series

Camaraderie and travel opportunities are high among reasons to join the Royal Bermuda Regiment, according to two soldiers who feature in the latest videos released by the defence force online.

Public Order Training Day

Soldiers from the Royal Bermuda Regiment were kitted out in protective clothing and armed with shields and batons when they took part in public order training last weekend.

Cpl Vanderpool and Cpl Symonds - Video Series

Two recently-promoted Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers highlighted how the organisation presents opportunities for growth as a series of videos was launched to encourage others to join.

Oil Spill Course – Shoreline Clean Up & Assessment Technique

The Pollution Control Section of the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) recently hosted a course for the Bermuda Government, KBB, and colleagues from four UK Overseas Territories in the Caribbean on how to clean a shoreline oil spill. 

Soldiers Promoted and Recognised

Members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment had the opportunity to socialise and collectively recognise the unit’s achievements at a Battalion Night on Thursday.

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